Christian Service Program

  • Campus Minister: Fr. Patrick Kifolo, OSFS
  • Director of Mission Initiatives: Mr. Zach Ryan: email -; 302-356-2603
  • Director of Christian Service: Mrs. Ballintyn: email -; 302-654-2495 ext. 203


Mission: The Christian Service Program at Salesianum School is designed to challenge our students to serve the broader community as Salesian gentlemen through service which is given freely with nothing asked in return for the work done. The service is done solely to help those in need and to meet the requirements of a not-for-profit agency which serves people who are somehow disadvantaged (people experiencing poverty, discrimination, poor health, old age, and/or physical/mental limitations.)


To find more information on service opportunities, please check the two links below. The Recurring Opportunities link is for service sites where the service is offered on a year-round basis. The Short Term Opportunities link is for service opportunities that only occur during a specific time period.


There is a FAQ's page on the Christian Service Introduction page that provides more details on the program.


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Dolores Ballintyn - Director of Christian Service
Ext. 203 -


Fr. Patrick Kifolo, O.S.F.S. / 302-356-2605