Introduction to the Christian Service Program


I pray that you have begun to look at and/or begin your service hours. It is very important that you consider the completion of these hours early so that you are not "stuck" in January scrambling for hours. I know many agencies cannot take a large number of students, especially in the last minute so please plan accordingly.

The Jefferson Awards page discusses opportunities for a student’s service to be recognized. Please go the Service Awards page to read about these exciting opportunities.

I have updated the limited opportunities page with information relevant service opportunities. Please use it if you are struggling with where you want to do your service. If you need a replacement; you may go to the link on the Main Service Page and download the forms necessary for submission. The necessary forms to receive the Passing grade are the completed Log, Supervisor Evaluation(s) and the Grading Rubric Page. Without a complete pamphlet, you will have to re-do your service hours.

This proves to be another exciting and dynamic year so please again give it your 100% percent effort. Remember it is your personal responsibility to complete this service requirement.


Please note the new page Short Term Opportunities lists agencies which are in need of students for only one or two days. Please look at these opportunities and let Mrs. Ballintyn or the agency know as soon as you can if you are interested in helping out. Thank you.


- Mrs. Dolores Ballintyn