College Guidance

The senior year guidance program goals are to continue the individual guidance and counseling of each student. Since the college application process is a large part of the senior year, it is important to adhere to deadlines that are set by the colleges and the guidance department in order to assure that all applications (college and scholarship) are submitted in a timely fashion. This web site and the Naviance web site are designed to assist in this process and to inform you of upcoming deadlines and events. Up-to-date scholarship information will also be posted on the Naviance web site as well as in the announcements, and on the guidance suite bulletin boards.


Factors to Consider in Selecting a College


In making your selection of a college, it is well to consider some of the following items:
There is a college search option on the Naviance website where you can narrow down lists of schools by manipulating the criteria that may influence your decisions the most.


  • Your personal preferences
  • Size of the institution
  • Location of the institution
  • Expense to attend the institution
  • Financial aid available from the institution
  • Accreditation of the institution
  • Admission requirements
  • Courses and curricula offered by the institution
  • Campus facilities
  • Transportation facilities
  • Dining facilities
  • Students’ activities
  • Religious facilities and activities


To find further help on determining which criteria is best for you to evaluate your college choices read more about how to determine your criteria for college evaluations