Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Talking to a trusted adult is the first step in dealing with a problem. 


The guidance department seeks to provide the best services to Salesianum's students.  Individual counseling is just one aspect of those services.  Each student has his own counselor (separated by letter of the alphabet) and has access to that counselor during the school day at any time and before or after school by appointment. Students are welcome to address any issues with their counselor in a private, confidential meeting.  They are also free to speak with any counselor if they feel more comfortable doing so.


Students can also seek help from other adults in the building, including Fr. Patrick Kifolo (Campus Ministry Director) or any of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, Susan Mansi (School Nurse), and William Dinardo (Dean of Students).  All faculty and staff are able to help any of our students find the help they need.


Students are encouraged to speak to their counselors if an issue arises that is causing them stress or is problematic in any way.  



What is the STARTeam?
The STARTeam is a group of school professionals including teachers, administrators, counselors and the school nurse who are specially trained to identify and seek appropriate assistance for at-risk students who have been referred.


What is the purpose of the STARTeam?
Initiated by a referral process, the team seeks to identify and intervene with students who are having school-related difficulties.  The goal is to intervene at an early stage before a problem becomes more serious or subject to disciplinary action.


What kinds of problems might be referred to the team?
Concerned members of the school community may refer a student who demonstrates inconsistent or deteriorating grades; attendance concerns; signs of depression; changes in behavior or appearance; or additional signs of at-risk behavior. 


How are students referred to the team?

  1.   In-school referral forms are available from the school nurse.
  2.   Staff or students may contact any member of the STARTeam personally.
  3.   Parents may call any member of the team.
  4.   Self-referrals may be made.   

Who may refer to the team?
               Any concerned member of the school community may make a referral.


What happens when a referral is made?

  1. The team will gather information and determine whether the referral is appropriate.
  2. In most cases, one member of the team will contact the student.
  3. Members of the team may meet with the student and his parents so that together they might determine the source of the problem.
  4. If it is deemed appropriate, the family may be referred to an outside agency for a professional evaluation.

** All information given to the team is held in confidence and in no way affects disciplinary or academic standing


STARTeam Members


  • Mrs. Suzanne Mansi- School Nurse 
  • Mr. Michael Gallagher '69 - Vice Principal
  • Mr. Scott Mosier - Guidance Counselor 
  • Mr. Joel Lang '90 - Guidance Counselor  
  • Mrs. Stacy Bartkowski - History Teacher
  • Mr. Jim Brazill - Health/PE Teacher 
  • Mr. Neil Kane - Religion Teacher
  • Mr. Patrick Dever '91 - History Teacher
  • Dr. Joseph Szczerba '87 - Health/PE Teacher