Religious Studies

At Salesianum our motto is “Tenui nec Dimittam” or “Take hold and never let go!” We want our students to act as Salesian Gentleman not only here at school but beyond their life on the Salesianum campus. We believe it is not enough for our students to be able to answer questions on paper. We want them to apply the lessons of faith in their real lives.

We invite them to practice their faith through participation in daily mental prayer and the sacraments, most especially the Eucharist, which according to Saint Francis de Sales is “the sun of all spiritual exercises.” We have just revamped our Service Program to thematically relate each course of theological study to a graduated number of hours of service. Students keep journals for each day of service and write a final reflection paper that includes both Salesian and course integration. Ultimately, our students are encouraged to simply seek to do God’s will in the present moment by always keeping the motto of Saint Francis de Sales in mind: “Live Jesus!”


The three most important things our students should learn before graduating are as follows: 


  • Understand the meaning of Revelation (Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium) especially as it relates to our apprehending our real need for God in our lives.  Revelation illustrates God’s great love for us (every one else in the world) as expressed throughout Salvation History and the doctrines of our faith. Ignorance of the Scriptures (and the rest of revelation) is ignorance of God.
  • Develop a prayer and sacramental life (based upon the universal call to holiness) that not only invites us to welcome God into every area of our lives, but allows us to feel comfortable being our real selves in the midst of God’s constant loving presence.
  • The true sign of a healthy faith life is when we make good on our resolutions to do God’s will in the concrete and practical situations in our lives. If we are not improving the lives of our families and community and world through acts of service and ministry, we are probably not listening to God in the midst of our prayer as we should.



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