Social Studies

The Social Studies Department teaches a diverse selection of courses ranging from three years of survey courses in World and US history and a half year of United States Government, to a variety of Social Studies electives including: Foreign policy, Psychology, World Affairs, Introduction to Law, and Economics. We offer seven AP Courses as electives as well: Economics, European History, American Government, World History, United States History, and Psychology.  All of the courses stress the basic skills of a historian, including, critical reading of primary and secondary sources (e.g.: documents, maps, graphs, etc...), creating and defending a historical argument, expressing an argument in a variety of media, differentiating between fact and opinion, and utilizing the library, internet, and other sources for research and paper writing.  Along with the basic facts and information discussed in each course, we hope our students master useful writing, reading, and discussion skills. We stress the importance of Geography and require research through presentations and mock trials where applicable. Along with all of these skills, by graduation, we hope our students develop respect and pride in themselves and their history, value and respect other opinions and views, appreciate significant achievements in all fields of learning, the arts, and literature, and appreciate the diversity and commonality of the world's peoples. Finally, we hope to instill in our students the desire to participate in our government, the Catholic Church or their particular faith community, and the world community, in order to make the world a better place for all peoples.


The Social Studies department is also in charge of the school's archives. Click here to visit the online archives and see a sample of what it contains.


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