Academic Activities

Academic Challenge: Moderator: Mr. Sean Tischler - A team of students represents the school in a general knowledge competition on the state level. Click here for their webpage.


Athletic Training Club: Moderator: Dr. Szczerba - Designed for students interested in a sports medicine career such as athletic training, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. Students attend weekly presentations, are encouraged to become certified in First Aid and CPR, and obtain observational hours assisting in the athletic training room and with the Salesianum sports programs.


Biology Club: Moderator: Mr. Sam White - The mission of the NABT BioClub is to recruit, support, nurture, and promote students with an interest in biological sciences. Biology club provides the guidance, resources, and activities to students with personal, academic, philanthropic and/or professional interests in biology. Members participate in activities such as Adopt-a- Highway, StreamWatch and field trips to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. They job shadow and listen to guest speakers.


Chess Club: Moderator: Mr. M. Kegelman - The chess club provides instruction and skills development in chess. Club members engage in fun competition against each other throughout the school year.


Ecology Club: Moderator: Mr. Szaroleta – Ecology club meets to discuss critical ecological issues and hear addresses from area scientists involved in the protection of the environment. Club members and their moderator assume responsibility for monitoring a stretch of Brandywine Creek in association with the Stream Watch program.


Engineering Club: Moderator: Mr. Creighton Anderson – This is a club where students can brainstorm and execute projects, as well as listen to speakers/lectures that are based on the topic of engineering.


International Exchange Club: Moderator: Mrs. Vintigni - In this club, students experience the excitement of other cultures in the world. Activities include viewing foreign films, listening to international music, eating exotic food and sharing of experiences from those who have lived and traveled throughout the world. Students will also be encouraged to participate in foreign exchange programs with Oblate schools in France, Austria, Germany, and Uruguay.


Language Honor Societies: Moderator: Mrs. Hornyak - Salesianum has certified chapters of the national honor societies of three languages: La Societe Honoraire de Francais (French), Delta Epsilon Phi (German), and La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (Spanish). Students may apply for membership after completing at least three years of a particular language. 


Mathletes: Moderator: Mr. M. Kegelman and Mr. D. Kegelman - This club provides an open opportunity for mathematically exceptional students to compete in a highly structured state-wide math league.


Military Knowledge and Tactics Program: Moderator:Mr. McGowan - The Military Club will both receive talks and engage in conversations about world conflicts, militar y academics, and military branches. The Military Club invites guest speakers who have ser ved oversees to address the group.


Mock Trial: Moderator: Mr. Tischler - Under the direction of state and municipal legal officials and in conjunction with the National Law-Related Educational Association, students compete with other schools in tr ials held in actual cour trooms, preparing case briefs and learning in an interactive, authentic context the details of the legal profession.


Model United Nations: Moderator: Mr. Sutherland - MUN competes with other schools locally, regionally, and nationally in structured debates and conferences. Students are exposed to issues of justice, peace, and global awareness. Fr. Hurley, OSFS, coaches the Model United Nations Team. In 2007 and 2008, Salesianum’s Model UN Team, combined with Fr. Judge and Northeast Catholic, earned the title of International Champions at the International Debate held at the UN Building in NYC. This annual debate is attended by 2200 students representing 17 different countries.


National Honor Society: Moderators: Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Marston - Salesianum's Honor Society (De Sales Chapter) is a certified chapter of the National Honor Society. The privilege of membership in the Society is extended to juniors and seniors who have in the previous year(s) compiled a suitable record of academic achievement, character, leadership, and service.


Science Olympiad: Moderator: Mrs. Albanese - Science Olympiad members take tests, answer science questions, build equipment, and attempt to solve individual or team problems at an annual Olympiad held in Delaware.


Stock Market Club: Moderator: Fr. Morrissey, OSFS - Students get a chance to explore what the stock market is really like. Through a virtual stock exchange website, students will work with each other and on their own to develop strategies for success in the stock market.


Technology Club: Moderator: Mr. Jason Guinaugh - The Salesianum Technology Club is open to all students with an interest in exploring current technology. We compete in the First Tech Challenge every year, which is a robotics competition held at the University of Delaware. In addition to robotics, we investigate other technology oriented topics such as rocketry, networking and any other topics that may be of interest to students.


Young Democrats: Moderator: Mr. Dave Goorland - A club for those students interested in political issues and identify with the Democratic Party. Young Democrats receive first-hand experience in campaigns and elections, grassroots organizing, fundraising and candidate elective office.


Young Republicans: Moderator: Mr. Quinn - A club for those students interested in political issues and identify with the Republican Party.