Artistic Activities

The Review (Newspaper):  Moderator: Mr. Sean Tinnelly - The Review is published periodically throughout the school year. The paper serves to relay school events to the student body. It is open to all students who wish to develop their talents or interests in writing, photography, and other areas of print journalism. The newspaper has been successful in past years, earning a number of commendations.


The Salesian (Yearbook): Moderator: Mr. Jackman, Mrs. Manuel - The Salesian is a full-year project that requires many dedicated hours of after school time. Various talents are needed such as photography, layout and design, typing and copy writing. The project, directed by seniors with assistance from underclassmen, attempts to capture the actions and the spirit of the year. Click here for their webpage.


Salesianum Theater Program:

      • Fall Play: Moderator - Mr. Crawford - Salesianum presents a main stage play each fall. All roles and parts are filled by auditions, which are open to the entire student body.
      • One Acts: Moderator - Mr. Nick Vavala - Salesianum offers students the opportunity to choose, direct, and cast “One Act” plays in January under the direction of the theatre director.
      • Spring Musical: Moderator – Mr. Crawford - Salesianum presents a musical each spring. All roles and parts are filled by auditions, which are open to the entire student body.
      • Stage Crew: Moderators - Mr. Leonard Bafundo, Mr. McLaughlin - This group is responsible for the maintenance of the stage and the technical operations during all theater events. It also services outside groups which use our auditorium.
      • Theatre Business: Moderator - Fr. Kifolo, OSFS - This group of students, under the direction of the moderator, will oversee the box office and serve as ushers at Salesianum Theatre productions.


Sentinel Post: Moderator - Mr. Margargal - This literary magazine combines the poignant creative writing skills of our students, faculty, and staff with top-notch graphic design talent. Participation in the publication is open to all students and provides various opportunities to showcase talent.


The WSAL Homeroom Show: Moderator: Mr. Salandria - This communications club and members of the advanced television class participate in the presentation of television shows for the school community.


The Salesianum Band Program: Moderator: Mr. Cox - In addition to the Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Beginning Band, and Chorus, which are curricular choices, the music depar tment also offers the following co-curricular activities:


  • The Marching Band - This group is active during the football season and represents the school in parades during the remainder of the school year.
  • The Jazz Ensemble - This organization performs in concerts, dances, public functions and in spring competitions.
  • The Pit Orchestra - The orchestra performs for the school’s musical productions.
  • The Brass Choir - This group performs in the community at Christmas and at special events.
  • Choral Group - This mixed chorus of students from Salesianum and local girls’ schools performs at concerts and school functions.