Recreational Activities

Dodgeball Club: Moderator: Mr. Walker - This club provides an opportunity for students of all different skill levels to enjoy physical activity in an organized, safe, and supervised environment. The club meets from the end of October through the end of January during G-6.

Film Club: Moderator: Mrs. MaryBeth Bray - Film club is for students who appreciate film and would like to share that appreciation with others. The club meets to watch films from different genres to enrich their understanding and appreciation of this art medium.

Guitar Club: Moderator: Mr. Salandria: Guitar Club offers members the opportunity to play with and learn from fellow guitar players. This club is open to all skill levels from the beginner to the advanced player. We welcome those with no experience who want to learn and we believe the group will offer a perfect environment for learning. Advanced players will benefit from learning new techniques and styles while playing and creating music with others.

Paintball Club: Moderator: Mr. Salandria - Paintball Club provides an opportunity for students to enjoy the game of paintball. The club welcomes novices as well as those more experienced in the game. Outings for the paintball club occur several times per year.

Photography Club: Moderator: Ms. Albanese - This club provides an opportunity for students to develop their interest in photography. We explore basic principles of photography and fundamental camera techniques. Students learn to create and manipulate digital photographs. The photography club collaborates with yearbook and newspaper staff to provide pictures of school sports and activities.

Ping - Pong Club: Moderator: Mr. Sam White - Students meet during the G-6 period to enjoy in Ping-Pong games and tournaments. All are welcome.

Skateboarding Club: Moderator: Mr. Zach Ryan - The skateboarding club meets periodically throughout the year on G days and travel to Newport Skate Park.

Sports Forum: Moderator: Mr. Tinnelly - In the Sports Forum, students discuss and share ideas relating to current sports issues.

Traditional Games Club: Moderator: Fr. Kifolo, OSFS - This club is for those who are interested in playing traditional games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Magic, card games, board games and any other game you can play without electricity.

Ultimate Frisbee Club: Moderator: Mr. LoSapio - UFC is a fun and fast-paced game involving the skill of throwing and catching a frisbee. UFC stresses sportsmanship and fair play.

Video Game Club: Moderator: Mrs. McTamney - The Video Game Club is an environment where students can engage in friendly competition and bond with other students through video games. The club meets every G-6 period to play multi-player games for the Nintendo Wii, the X-Box and X-Box 360, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, and others. Students are encouraged to bring their own games and systems to the club and play alongside the day’s decided activity, as there are multiple TV monitors available to play.