Service Activities

Best Buddies Club: Moderator: Mr. Cox - Best Buddies High Schools matches students with intellectual disabilities with other high school students, facilitating one-to-one friendships between them. This helps to cross the invisible line that too often separates those with disabilities from those without.


Blue-Gold Club: Moderator: Mr. DiNardo – The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness about people with cognitive disabilities. All events directly benefit the Delaware Foundation Reaching Citizens with Cognitive Disabilities and the All- Star Football Game held in June. Students organize fundraisers and oversee the annual Blue-Gold 5K Run/Walk.


Interact Club: Moderator: Mr. Horn - The Interact Club is sponsored in part by the Rotary Club of Wilmington-West. The members of the club focus on doing community service in both our local community of New Castle County and internationally. The club serves as a great way to connect with local business and community leaders, who often visit meetings as guest speakers.


Jefferson Awards: Moderator: Mrs. Ballintyn, Mrs. Meyer - The Jefferson Awards are a prestigious national recognition system honoring community and public service in America. The Jefferson Awards are presented on two levels: national and local. They began in 1972 to create a Nobel Prize for public service. Today, their primary purpose is to serve as a "Call to Action for Volunteers" in local communities. Click here for more information.


Key Club: Moderator: Mrs. Looney - Students receive activities credit for serving as messengers for the office and hosts for school visitors.


Minority Coalition: Moderator: Mr. Stephan Johnson - This club is open to all minority students to provide a forum for discussion and interaction with other private/independent schools concerning the issues that confront minorities.

Minutemen: Moderator: Mr. Bill DiNardo - The primary function of the Minutemen is to provide service to the school in two areas: to facilitate traffic during change of classes, and to serve as hall assistants during their unscheduled time. A direct recommendation from the Dean of Students and Faculty invites eligible juniors and seniors to join this service group.


SADD/YELL: Moderator: Mrs. Suzanne Mansi - Students Against Destructive Decisions and Youth to Eliminate Loss of Life is a group of students who provide information and programs for their fellow students in an attempt to combat alcohol abuse and destructive behavior confronting the school community.


SALS-Salesians Assisting Local Students: Moderator: Fr. Kifolo, OSFS –- SALS is a program in which Salesianum students of any grade may share their time and talents with local children in a public school. Once a week after school, SALS go to Warner Elementary to tutor students in English and Math.


Student Council: Moderator: Mr. Zach Ryan - The leadership positions of our Student Council officers and Class officers are governed by the same academic and disciplinary eligibility as other activities. The following additional criteria must be satisfactorily met for a student to be a candidate and seek office:

• Student Council candidates must submit 20 student signatures to the Student Council Moderator;
• Must be approved by the school administration;
• Student Council President and Vice-President as well as all senior class office candidates must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.60.

Class Officers
• Senior Class Moderator: Mrs. Bartkowski, Mr. Winchel
• Junior Class Moderator: Mr. Szaroleta
• Sophomore Class Moderator: Mr. Winchell
• Freshman Class Moderator: Mrs. Bryn Speers


Christian Service and Seeds of Service Program

Please click here for information on these programs.