Salesianum Celebrates Feast Day of Francis de Sales

The Salesianum School Community gathered on Tuesday, Jan. 25 to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint on the school. This was the first of many activities to celebrate Feast Week at Salesianum. Tuesday had a theme of Gentleness.


Fr. Nadolski celebrates mass Fr. Nadolski celebrates mass.


Fr. Kevin Nadolski, OSFS, former director of activities at Salesianum and current member of the Board of Trusteees, lead the celebration of mass. His homily used the example of three diverse men to teach the idea of friendship: a man named Mark, a priest named Francis, and a preacher named Jesus.


Mark turned out to be Mark Zuckerberg, the now famous founder of Facebook, who has given a new meaning to the word 'friend.'


Joe Turk '11 shares a Salesian reflection.
Joe Turk '11 shares a Salesian


The priest named Francis was Salesianum staff member Fr. Francis Pileggi, OSFS '51. Fr. Pileggi, in his warm way, addresses most people as 'my friend' rather than by name. The simple gesture can help anyone who having a bad day.


The preacher named Jesus, as Fr. Nadolski noted, referred to his followers as my friends as opposed to my students. This shows that Jesus is among us, not over us.


After the celebration, Joe Turk '11 shared a Salesisian reflection on the saying 'Non Excidet.' (He will not give up or He will not fail). Speaking about the challenges of being a teenager, and being a student at Salesianum, Joe reminded his classmates that they are a brotherhood, and that if they support each other, many great things are possible.