Getting Involved

4 The Boys Alumni EventThere are a number of ways to get involved here at Salesianum School. The Alumni Association meets nine times a year and is instrumental in maintaining the mission of the school. Our signature events are nothing without the support of alumni and parents who volunteer their time to serve on the committee. To learn more about the Alumni Association or the event committees, please contact Jon Allison ’97 at (302) 356-2643 or


Alumni Association
The Alumni Association Board meets once a month for nine months of the year.  The meetings are held in the 8th & West Conference Room at Salesianum.  Beginning at 8 p.m. on the 1st Tuesday of the month, the meetings average an hour in length. Under the guidance of the Alumni Moderator, Rev. Francis J. Pileggi, OSFS '51, the Alumni Association Board leads the charge of the alumni in staying connected, involved and supportive of the school and future alumni. They sponsor many events and assist the school and community in many capacities.


About the Alumni Association

  • Alumni Constitution
  • Alumni By-Laws


Meet the Alumni Association
Mike Buchler '79, President
Dave Deely '87, Treasurer
Rich Quashne '96, Vice President
Matt Henaghan '01, Secretary
Guido Schiavi '44 - Comptroller
Jon Allison '97 - Corresponding Secretary

John Hammerer '47
Tom DeLucia '52
Skip Hance '52
Joe Szczerba '60
Tom Olsen '61
Jay Brady '61
Frank Frabizzio '61
Charlie Robino '61
Jack Ireland '65
John Armstrong '66
Mike Finnigan '67

Joe Simeone '67
Bob Hopkins '69
Mike Hart '70
Mike Kenney '70
Rich LeNoir '71

Frank P. Rosaio '75

Matt Ballintyn '77
Chick Mealey '77
Mark Degli Obizzi '77
Michael Rapposelli '78
Mike Buchler '79
Fran Spagnolo '79
Rob Beatson '80
Kevin McCormick '80
Don Morris '81

Mike Baeurle '81

Dominic D'Eramo '82
Paul R. Manieri '82
Darryl Parson '83
Barry Yerger '83
Jim Shields '84
L. Paul Dorsey '85
Mike Monagle '87
Eric Garcia '89
James O'Hara '98

Matt Simeone '00
Bob Boyd
Pat Sweeney


Event Committees
Contact Jon Allison ’97 at (302) 356-2644 or


Sports Banquet
Contact Jon Allison ’97 at (302) 356-2644 or


Salesianum Open
Contact Jon Allison ’97 at (302) 356-2644 or


Contact Jon Allison ’97 at (302) 356-2644 or