Your gift displays your belief in what Salesianum is now and what Salesianum will be through new initiatives to expand our impact on the lives of our students and our service to God.


Your gift provides invaluable support for Salesianum’s most important programs and priorities. Examples of essential programs funded by the annual fund include:


  • Financial Aid
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Co-curricular & Athletic Programs
  • Library Books & Periodicals
  • Campus Facilities & Maintenance


Your gift has an impact on every aspect of our mission, our activities and athletic programs, financial aid and scholarships, and day-to-day needs of the school. Your gift affirms the good work we perform every day inside and outside of the classroom.


Donor Pledge


With my gift, I pledge my belief in:

  • the spirit of Salesianum and the values taught to its students
  • the mission of Salesianum – to educate and develop the whole person based on the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales whose philosophy can be summarized in “Live Jesus”
  • investing in the education of tomorrow’s leaders.