Goals of the Salesianum School Foreign Exchange Program

The Foreign Exchange Program supports the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and spirituality needed to live and work in the 21st century, and promotes the mission of the school, which states:

“ Salesianum School is a Roman Catholic independent secondary school that teaches young men to Live Jesus, guided by the spirituality of Saint Francis de Sales, through a college preparatory education, enabling them to take their place in the world as Salesian gentlemen.”

The Salesianum School Foreign Exchange Program will:

  1. Bring together students from the various Oblate educational apostolates.
  2. Build relationships between Oblates and lay colleagues who work in educational ministries.
  3. Promote educational collaboration, networking, cooperation and the sharing of resources on an international level in order to enhance the common objective of disseminating Salesian spirituality.
  4. Facilitate students’ intellectual growth by exposing them to knowledge, concepts, experiences and spirituality that reflect a different cultural frame of reference, and stimulate students’ interest in cross-cultural, international, and comparative learning.
  5. Accelerate students’ personal growth, including facilitating the development of confidence and self-reliance, stimulating a desire for exploration and trying new things, and expanding students’ ability to interact in unfamiliar situations.
  6. Develop students’ skills for relating to culturally different others in various situations, such as faith settings, academic situations, and social venues, so that they may become aware of cultural differences, reflect upon them, and be comfortable living, learning, and praying in diverse environments.
  7. Enhance students’ self-awareness and understanding of their own culture by providing opportunities to compare and contrast host country customs, values, traditions and religious rituals with their own.