Final School Mass

Salesianum School celebrated its final school mass of the academic year on Monday, April 30 with a special guest presider.


Rev. Michael Depcik ministers to Catholics in Michigan who are deaf and hard of hearing. After celebrating a mass with Salesianum Student Council during Salesian Leadership Camp this past June, Fr. Depcik was invited to visit Salesianum and preside over mass. Fr. Depcik was joined by Rev. Ken McKenna, OSFS, who translated the mass to the school community. Fr. McKenna has worked in deaf ministry for more than 20 years.


St. Francis de Sales is the patron saint of the deaf, and as bishop, he developed a sign language sophisticated enough to share stories and lessons from the Gospel with a deaf member of his household staff.


Senior John Bowden gave the student reflection, in which he discussed the love he received from the Salesianum community after the January passing of Padua junior Sarah Smith, and thanked his fellow students and teachers to help him through that difficult time in his life.