Coral Reef

Salesianum continues to find unique, innovative ways to educate young men and engage them in the world that surrounds them, everyday. Our latest initiative? We'll be growing a coral reef at 18th and Broom!

Thanks to the generosity of Armco Aquatics, Matt Meyer's `19 vision and Dr. Anthony's enthusiastic support, Salesianum students will have the incredible opportunity to analyze and help manage the delicate, complicated balance of aquatic ecosystems while witnessing their direct relationship to the greater environment. The tank will serve as a basis for a multitude of larger biology-related lessons and also as a beautiful focal point in our state of the art Abessinio Science Center.

Today was the first step, in what will be a year-long process, to get the tank mature and balanced enough to provide a healthy environment for the coral to grow and thrive. This preparation process includes adding sand and rock aragonite substrates, using reverse osmosis filtered water in conjunction with a unique reef salt mix. In about a month or so, live fish will be slowly added to help the maturation process occur. The tank will feature the very latest in filtration, lighting and software that will duplicate sun and moon cycles.

We look forward to sharing more updates throughout the year! Salesianum School. Where Modern Men Begin.