• Glenford Ona

Glenford Ona

Profile of Graduate – Meet Glenford Ona `19
Glenford Ona matriculated to Salesianum from Saints Simon and Jude School in West Chester, PA. His fear of being an “outsider” from Pennsylvania helped motivate him to immediately pursue a dynamic, activity-filled experience. “As soon as summer football workouts and school started, this fear instantly disappeared,” says Glenford, “…We were all in the same boat and got to know each other quickly through classes, clubs and school events.”
Glenford’s impressive list of clubs and activities include football, lacrosse, BBQ Club, Fishing Club, Mock Trial, Salesians for Life, Model UN and Science Olympiad. His involvement in the Salesianum community proved to be no deterrent for achieving academic excellence. He was an inaugural member of the acclaimed AP Capstone Program, member of the National and Spanish Honor Societies, and earned a regular spot on the Principal’s and Dean’s Academic Honors lists. He also took advantage of Salesianum’s BRIDGE trip programs where he travelled to Rainelle, WV to assist flood victims and also participated in the Civil Rights Trip – travelling across the southern United States to follow the journeys of famous civil rights activists.
Glenford recalls his favorite memory, “Every morning my sophomore year the same group of five guys would meet up and just talk until we had to go to first period. Those guys helped me open up to Salesianum, Delaware and I know my time at Salesianum would not have been the same without them…you get as much out of Salesianum as you put into it. I still remember the fear of my freshman year and knowing few people. My advice: Take the initiative to be a part of the brotherhood and community and don’t look back. Sure, it’s terrifying jumping into the unknown…you’ll find your way; it’s up to you to take the first step.”
This fall, Glenford will be attending Case Western Reserve University where he intends to study nursing. He was honored to receive a merit-based scholarship from Case Western Reserve.