Incident at Vichy

Salesianum School Theater is presenting the 1964 drama by Arthur Miller, Incident at Vichy, streaming online has been postponed until the weekend of Dec. 18-20, 2020. Please follow this link to reserve a "pay what you will" viewing time. 

This is a one act play that tells, in real time, the story of a group of detainees in Vichy, France in 1942. Through their conversations we come to understand that they are all being held by the Nazis for various, different, reasons. Among them is a Laborer, an Artist, and Actor, a Waiter, a Psychiatrist, a Businessman, a Child, and a Catholic Prince. The play focuses on how guilt and fear can drive us into complicity. The play also suggests that we are mutually responsible for each other without exception, and examines how the Nazis were able to perpetrate the Holocaust with so little public resistance.

We are presenting the play outside of specific time and place, using masks that we wear to define who we are. In the world of the play, there is danger in the truth of one’s identity - in the unmasking. The staging preserves the requirements of social distancing while allowing us to highlight the ways in which these characters are alone, despite their shared space. They are isolated…together. Through costuming and staging the reality of the pandemic helps to elevate our storytelling, rather than allowing it to be a limitation. We hope this work serves as a strong reminder for to always strive to
Be the Light.