Katie Godfrey Named New Athletic Director

Katie Orga Godfrey has been named the school’s new athletic director effective July 1, 2021.  She is the first woman to hold the role at Salesianum and will be the only woman serving in the capacity as sole Athletic Director at an all-boys school in the United States.

Katie has been a faculty member in Salesianum’s mathematics department for 16 years and also served as the school’s first female coach when she took the helm of the junior varsity basketball team in 2008. Her love for Salesianum began at a young age when she witnessed, first hand, generations of her close male relatives reap the lifelong gifts their Salesianum education afforded them. A native of Wilmington, DE, Godfrey attended Ursuline Academy where she played four years of volleyball, basketball and ran track. Following high school, Godfrey continued her passion for athletics at Washington College, where she played volleyball and basketball. She earned her B.A. in mathematics with a secondary education certification and completed her graduate studies at Wilmington University, where she earned her Masters in School Leadership degree. She shares, “I am humbled and honored that the Salesianum administration, especially President Kennealey and Fr. Beretta, are entrusting this prestigious program to my care, a position that has only been held by men.  Salesianum is an institution steeped in tradition and I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to oversee the growth and development of our student athletes as the new Athletic Director.” 

Rev. Chris Beretta, OSFS, Principal of Salesianum remarked, “As an educator and a colleague, her work ethic, leadership, and love of Salesianum are universally recognized and respected. This is not only an exciting moment for Katie and her family, with their deep roots in our school’s tradition, but an historic one for Salesianum. Having already carved out a place in our history as the first woman to coach an athletic team, she now brings her blend of competitiveness and compassion to an important leadership position in our school community. Our rich athletic tradition will be in capable hands, and Katie will provide a Salesian example for coaches and student athletes alike for years to come.”

Katie explains that her leadership philosophy is rooted in the teachings of Francis de Sales, Salesianum’s patron saint, who held the virtue of humility above all others. She also sees athletics as an opportunity to help build Salesian Gentlemen, just like those she watched as a child, who are called to make a lasting impact and be a positive influence on the lives of others. She adds, “A true leader puts others before him or herself and listens effectively, and, as the first woman in this role, I believe it is crucial that we help our students gain a greater understanding of the importance of equality and diversity in our world.”

The position is being vacated by Scott Mosier, Salesianum’s current Athletic Director and soccer coach.  Scott will assume a new role as Abessinio Stadium’s Director of Operations. The first five months of operation at Abessinio Stadium have demonstrated the complex nature of maximizing its potential for the community.  With his considerable leadership experience in both interscholastic athletics and club sports programs, along with expertise in athletic performance and sports marketing, Scott is uniquely qualified to strengthen the stadium’s role in the community and broaden its accessibility.

With 164 state titles, a host of historic and Philadelphia Catholic League titles, Salesianum enjoys a rich tradition in athletics.  The school currently fields teams in 16 varsity sports and 70% of all students participate in athletics.