Technical Writing

Grades: 9–12
Time: 9 AM-12:30 PM
Session 1: June 19 - June 30
Credit: Half-Credit
Phase: Accelerated
Anticipated Instructor: Mr. Joe O'Brien
Cost: $625
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This elective course is designed to teach students how to write in a variety of collegiate and professional modes, from delivering instructions to drafting a proposal. Students will produce a variety of practical texts, each of which will help students write with more clarity, conciseness, accuracy, and audience awareness. Students will grow to become strategic writers, ready for rigorous academic and occupational environments. The course will also greatly help students with the writing sections of the SAT and ACT. Students will learn how to work and write in groups, and ultimately how to communicate professionally. 

Notes: This course is open to Salesianum, Padua, and Ursuline students in College Prep, Accelerated, Honors, or AP English classes. Due to the intensive nature of the summer session, students will receive “Accelerated” credit for the completion of EDGE Technical Writing.