Parking is limited. We strongly encourage families to limit the number of cars they bring to campus.
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Blue Lot - Lower parking lot on our main campus is reserved for seniors.

Red Lot
- Upper parking lot on our main campus is reserved for families. This is the only space where tailgating is permitted on Saturday.

Green Lot
- the state rock lock located on 18th Street across from the Science wing is open for families and guests. There are approximately 50 spaces in this lot. We also have access to the parking lot located behind Warner Elementary with approximately 100 spots.

Purple Lot
- The Abessinio lot is reserved for those with state issued handicapped placards or handicapped passes issued by the school. The school passes are only allotted for those who have requested a wheelchair seating space.

Gold Lot - Located on our main campus in the "A" Alcove, this space is reserved for the Board of Trustees.

Street Parking - parking is readily available on the street on Broom and 18th streets.