Graduation Tailgating

A first-ever morning graduation means tailgating after the ceremony will be permitted, subject to a few common sense guidelines:
  • Tailgating is limited to school parking lots only (not stadium, state lots, or street parking). We would ask that those intending to tailgate park in the RED LOT or otherwise known as the "upper" lot (see enclosed maps).
  • No spots may be reserved and no overnight parking is permitted in the school lot Friday night. Please do not arrive prior to 7:00 AM Saturday morning.
  • Parking at school and surrounding areas is limited and we will be challenged to accommodate all students, families, and faculty. Please carpool whenever possible and do not bring multiple cars or elaborate tailgate materials that would take a needed parking space from another family. Help make this work for everyone!
  • Please make sure that any alcohol consumption is in moderation, strictly limited to those of legal age, and in no way whatsoever includes the graduates.
  • We would ask that all lots be cleared by 3:00 PM. Please help our facilities staff by packing up all trash and either taking it with you or disposing of it in the dumpsters near the entrance to the upper lot. If the dumpster are full, please take trash with you. 
  • Our hope is that families can relax and visit with one another as the graduates say their goodbyes, enjoy some food, and get pictures in their iconic tuxes. Thank you!