State Championships: 1976, 1979, 1992, 1995, 2001 and 2008.

The Salesianum baseball program was founded in the spring of 1907. Since 1976, the baseball team has won six state championships, most recently in 2008. For five years from 1935 to 1939, and for two years from 1943 to 1944, the baseball program was suspended due to World War II. From 1958 to 1992, the team was coached by Fr. Robert Kenney, OSFS, who coached 579 games in his 34 year career and consistently maintained a winning record during every regular season. Fr. Kenney was named Delaware's Scholastic Baseball Coach of the Year (1982), was elected to the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame (1999) and the Salesianum School Hall of Fame (2004).

The team has been led by Head Coach Ted Godfrey '93 since 2010.


 The program was founded in 1928 and revamped in 1955. State Championships achieved 1974,1976-1977, 1982-84, 1987, 2005 2008, 2015
The golf teamprovides student athletes with the opportunity to learn in a highly competitive environment. As a program, we separate ourselves from other programs in many ways. We play a highly competitive schedule, which includes out of state matches.
The team takes special spring break trips each year to locations such as North Carolina and Virginia Beach. These trips foster the brotherhood that is Salesianum and provide our players a chance to experience a wide range of courses, conditions and also meet college coaches and players.

Our daily practices look very different from most other programs. The coaching staff consists of two former college golfers and creates practice plans similar to what is seen at the college and professional levels. These plans create a tremendous amount of growth within our players since they find and diagnose areas of weakness that can often go unnoticed, such as course management, short game, putting, iron play, and tee shots. The members of the golf team continuously work on becoming better all-around people. Personal integrity is an important characteristic of every Salesianum graduate and it is required of every Salesianum golfer.
Head Coach Zack Robie
(302) 654-2495 ext. 285


State Championships: 1995, 2007, 2009, 2011-2013, 2015-18. 
2015 USA Today Team of the Year 
Ranked #1 Team for strength of schedule (2018) 
The Salesianum lacrosse program began as a club sport in 1987. In 1992, it became an official DSSAA varsity sport. When lacrosse was a club sport in 1991, Salesianum won the state championship. In 1995, Salesianum lacrosse won the state championship for the first time as a varsity sport.  Since taking over the program in 2006, Coach Healy and his staff, with an overall record of 204-27, has led the nationally ranked team to 12 consecutive State Championship appearances, winning 7 of the last 8. 
All Americans include: 
Brett Hobbs (Penn State), Patrick Drake (Fairfield), Brady Emmi (Salisbury), Colin Fowler (Lehigh), Patrick Lyons (UNC) Garrett Cannon(Washington & Lee) Luke Bianchino (Delaware) Mike Drake (Notre Dame), AJ Witherell (Washington & Lee) Ryan Kern (Navy), Troy Reeder (Penn State), Sean Giampietro (Ohio State), Jay Kelly (St. Joseph’s), Freddy Friebott (Ohio State), Craig Zebrowski (Boston), Dillon Walker (Marist), Matt Barone (Marquette), Justin Veratti (Loyola), Ryan Kilpatrick (UNC), Dan Rodgers (Drexel), Mark Cyron (Merrimack), Brandon Groux (Salisbury), Dan Tryon (Wesley), Kevin Kilpatrick (Franklin and Marshall), Mark Manos (Drexel), Mike Adkins (Mount St. Mary’s), John Kuderka (Penn State) 
Delaware Lacrosse Players of the Year:  John Kuderka (2007), Mark Manos (2008), Brandon Groux (2009), Ryan Kilpatrick (2011), Dillon Walker (2012), Sean Giampietro (2013), Jay Kelly (2014), Ryan Kern USA Today Player of the Year (2015), Patrick Lyons Philly Lacrosse (2016), Mike Drake (2017), Brett Hobbs (2018) 
Salesianum Lacrosse is coached by Head Coach Bobby Healy (2005, 2007 Delaware Lacrosse Coach of the Year, 2013, 2018 Philly Lacrosse Coach of the Year, 2015 USA Today Coach of the Year), Shawn Plews (2009 Assistant Coach of the Year), Vince Bonaddio, Scott Bramble, Colbe Klein, Andrew Blundin, Will Cowan.  


State Championships: 1983, 1997, 2000

The Salesianum tennis program has had a very successful run since its inception in 1926. 
In its 88 years, the team has played 810 matches with 502 wins, 234 losses and two ties. They have had three state championships since 1970 and had six second place finishes, most recently in 2006. The Salesianum tennis team had an impressive 42-match winning streak from the 1995 season to the 1998 season.
The team was coached by Anthony Wolanski ’65 (Varsity Head Coach, Tennis Coach of the Year – 2008) from 1992 to 2013. Under Coach Wolanski, the team won two state championships (1997, 2000) and was state runner-up five times (1992, 1993, 1996, 2006 and 2008). He was assisted by John Mullarkey. 
In the spring of 2013, Alex Matulas’13 won the singles state championship and was named The News Journal Player of the Year.

Track & Field

State Championships: 1971-74, 1991, 1993-1994, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005-2007, 2011, 2012 and 2016.
The Salesianum spring track program was founded in the year 1927 with partial records up to 1935.
From 1960 to 1966, the track team won five out of the six independent league championships. Since 1969, the team has won 15 state championships. They have also finished second nine times since 1969. 

Head Coach Ralph Heiss, who led the team for 23 years, stepped down in 2007, with an overall record of 118-47-2. Since then, the team has been coached by Mike LoSapio 2008-2014, and Joe Gioffre '99 2015-present. Famous alumi include Vic Zwolak, who ran in the 1964 Olympics. Zwolak honors include induction into the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame (1976), Delaware’s Athlete of the Year (1964), Delaware's Co-Athlete of the Year (1963) and NCAA Cross Country Champion (1963 and 1964) and Eric Eckstrand '00; six-time state champion and 2017 Delaware State Track & Field Hall of Fame inductee.


Mr. Chris Wells '90 has served as Salesianum rugby's head coach since 2009, when he founded the club. He played rugby for eight seasons at the University of Delaware and has been coaching rugby and football since 1995. Chris is assisted by Mr. Joseph O’Brien `06

Rugby Club accomplishments include: 7s State Champions: '18, '14, '13, 7s Runner-Ups: '17, '16, '15, EPRU Champions – 2010, 15s State Champions: '18, '16, 15s Runner-Ups: '17 and has travelled internationally to Ireland and Argentina.The Salesianum Rugby Club is a varsity sport available to any Salesianum student who is both academically and behaviorally eligible by Salesianum, as well as DIAA standards.