Unlocke the Light Salsthon 2020

We're excited to announce the SALSTHON 2020 (Students About Life Saving) beneficiary is the Unlocke the Light Foundation. Inspired by the light and life of Sean Michael Locke (Saint Mark's `12), the Unlocke The Light Foundation is dedicated to unlocking students' light through providing resources for those struggling with depression, self-injury, and contemplating suicide.

SALSTHON 2020 proceeds will benefit a dedicated facility serving students at Sean's alma mater, the University of Delaware. SALSTHON is a fundraising partnership between students from Salesianum School, Padua Academy and Ursuline Academy and has raised more than $985,000 for area charities.

To learn more and to donate visit: https://www.salsthon.org/ We look forward to sharing more information in coming weeks!