Abessinio Stadium

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Abessinio Stadium! Making the vision of a vibrant, beautiful, state-of-the-art facility that benefits the greater Wilmington Community a reality is a direct result of the incredible generosity of Rocco and Mary Frances Abessinio, who in December 2018, announced a historic $16 million gift to Salesianum School for the new stadium and its endowment.
Rocco Abessinio, a 1954 graduate of Salesianum shares, “As a native of Wilmington, this is an opportunity for me and my family to support Salesianum and help the city in its resurgence. We want to ensure that students like me - the son of immigrants - have a place at Salesianum. That’s the idea behind the endowment and we’re always happy to support it. With the new stadium, it’s an opportunity to share the lessons that were learned under Coach Dim Montero - teamwork, grit, discipline, and perseverance - with an audience that goes far beyond Salesianum. It’s why we asked the school to specifically honor him with a memorial at the new stadium and why we feel so proud to be able to make this gift.”

Be sure to check back in regularly as this page features a live webcam capturing construction in real-time and will also be regularly updated with news, photos and interesting details surrounding this landmark project. Thank you for take time to visit and share in our excitement while together, we watch vision of Abessinio Stadium become a reality!

Live Webcam