Salesianum School educates and develops the whole person based on the teaching of Saint Francis de Sales, whose spirituality can be summarized in “Live Jesus.” As an independent Catholic secondary school founded by the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales in 1903, Salesianum challenges young men through dynamic college preparatory and extracurricular programs to live as Salesian Gentlemen devoted to faith, community, and service.
His mission, and our goal, is simply to Live Jesus. At Salesianum, students are not merely taught this mission. As Saint Francis explained, a heart speaks to a heart, lips speak only to ears. As as a school that practices educating the whole person, we understand and learn the mission through countless moments when the Salesian Hallmarks of optimism, gentleness, patience, humility, and tenacity are seen not only with with our eyes, or heard with just our ears, but rather, felt deep inside our own hearts during experiences that go far beyond the classroom. It’s those experiences - little moments of holiness - whether understanding the plight of illegal aliens while travelling on a BRIDGE trip near Mexican border in Arizona, or performing before thousands in the marching band - that not only open hearts, but bond them across generations as Salesian Gentlemen.

School Motto:

Tenui Nec Dimittam - I have taken hold and will not let go.

7 Hallmarks of a Salesian Gentlemen


We are accredited by the Middle States Association, a member of the NAIS, the CEEB, OESIS, and the National Associations for College Admissions.

Salesianum At A Glance Booklet

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