You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working; in just the same way you learn to love by loving. 
St. Frances de Sales

1903 Academy Program

The 1903 Academy Program at Salesianum challenges students to begin exploring potential career pathways. Through real-world experiences, connections to the community, extracurricular leadership, and rigorous classes, students immerse themselves in a content area. 1903 Scholars sample a potential major before college and consider how, both as professionals and individuals, they impact the world. 
The 1903 Academy Program combines aspects of Salesianum's academic, extracurricular, and service programs with meaningful reflection and experience through the composition of a portfolio and connection to a career. The program is centered on four aspects:

Academy students work with their Academy leader to intentionally schedule relevant and thought-provoking courses to complement their career pathway. Students are required to excel in a requisite number of relevant core and elective course offerings.
Throughout their three years in an academy, students create a reflective portfolio that challenges scholars to consider their experiences inside and outside the classroom and ask formative questions as they grow in their knowledge in their discipline. The portfolio focuses on how the students’ experience in the Academy has prepared them to utilize their unique gifts to contribute to making the world a better place.
Academy students are required to use their distinct talents to shape Salesianum through leadership in extracurricular activities. Academy students receive significant opportunities to experience their academy discipline in real-world, authentic settings, such as participating in exchange programs, networking with Salesianum alumni, or interacting with professionals, guest lecturers, and academics in their academy field.
Academy students are asked to combine their exceptional strengths and talents with Salesianum’s commitment to service. Students work with their Academy leader to identify relevant, immersive service opportunities. These experiential opportunities may be domestic or international and complement the students’ interest in the academy field.


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  • STEM

    1903 Scholars in the STEM Academy collaborate to solve challenges,
    seek to understand technical complexity and design, and think critically to develop solutions. The STEM Academy combines aspects of physical sciences, mathematics, and design to build an academic foundation for Salesianum students interested in exploring engineering and design.

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  • Global Studies

    1903 Scholars in the Global Studies Academy have a unique desire to
    comprehend and improve communities both domestically and internationally. Those enrolled in the Global Studies Academy are driven by their curiosity to learn more about how the world works and to explore global systems of power, justice, and culture. They seek to speak out on behalf of human rights. Through their work in the Global Studies Academy, 1903 Scholars incorporate both Social Studies, literary, science, and language curriculum to further explore what it means to truly be a citizen of the world.

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  • Digital Media and Communications

    1903 Scholars enrolled in the Digital Media and Communication
    Academy have a distinctive understanding for the power of storytelling and the method of delivery. They seek to communicate empathy in a growing digital world. These students have a desire to learn more about the best ways to craft a message for impact and to share that message with the world. The Digital Media and Communication Academy seeks to combine the disciplines of our English and Arts and Innovation departments to help students create and spread stories, both their own and those of others.

Academy Staff

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  • Photo of Julianne Longo

    Mrs. Julianne Longo 

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction & English Teacher
  • Photo of William Sutherland

    Mr. William Sutherland 

    Director of Academic Initiatives