Welcome to the Arts and Innovation program! Arts and Innovation is a dynamic, diverse and evolving program of studies that embraces the importance of traditional music and arts, while also offering the latest education in business, product development, performance, design, production, computer sciences and media communications. The Arts & Innovation curricula is inspired by St. Francis de Sales’ call to individuals to contribute positively to society by freely sharing their unique gifts and talents.

Students are challenged to live their lives with a mind open to creativity, learning and growth. Upon completion of Arts & Innovation courses, students will be proficient in seven key skills for the 21st Century: Curiosity and Imagination, Effective Oral and Written Communication, Accessing and Analyzing Information, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Collaboration and Leadership, Agility and Adaptability, Initiative and Entrepreneurship.

Courses Include: Freshman Innovation Seminar, Drafting & Design I, II, III & IV; STEM - New Product Development (I) & Advanced New Product Development (II), Music History, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Music Appreciation & Theory, Improv Comedy & Storytelling, Audio Production Seminar, Technical Theater, Guitar Rhythm & Lyrics, Film & Video Storytelling, Entrepreneurship, Computer Programming (Python), Web Design, Computer Design Principles (Java), AP Computer Science (Java), Introduction of Media Arts: Virality & Beyond, Media Arts 2: Documentaries, Journalism, Podcasts, and Advertising; Media Arts 3: Developing Narrative-Episodic/Procedural/Reality, Media Arts 4, Design Collaboration, Art I Drawing & Color, Art II 2-D design, Art III 3-D and Color.