Welcome to Salesianum's English Department! Our vibrant faculty encourage students to explore themselves, others and make cross cultural connections through the study of poetry, short stories, drama and novels. Students are challenged to analyze and discuss historical perspectives and how they often influence, and relate to, issues currently facing society.

Naturally, writing is an integral part of every English class, and there is no doubt that Salesianum students will be well-prepared for the demands of college writing courses. Our returning alumni tell us consistently that they found writing to be one of their strengths at the university level because they were so well prepared in high school. 
Our English curriculum places a focus on preparing students to write and think critically, analytically and creatively. Students engage in literature discussions, the analysis of poetry, drama, short stories and novels while being expected to communicate effectively by mastering the use of proper grammar and robust vocabularies. Department outcomes and goals are regularly critiqued to ensure that students continue to meet the challenges of higher education and the specific objectives outlined in the Profile of a Graduate. Courses include: English I, American Literature, British Literature, Novel & Drama and World Literature.

English Department Faculty

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  • Photo of Jeremy Isaac

    Mr. Jeremy Isaac 

    Department Fellow & English Teacher
  • Photo of Caitlin Garton

    Mrs. Caitlin Garton 

    English Chair & Teacher
  • Mrs. Megan Geraghty 

    English Teacher
  • Photo of Julianne Longo

    Mrs. Julianne Longo 

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction & English Teacher
  • Photo of Robert Longo

    Mr. Robert Longo 

    English Teacher
  • Photo of Joseph O'Brien

    Mr. Joseph O'Brien 

    English Teacher
  • Photo of Mark Quinn

    Mr. Mark Quinn 

    English Teacher
  • Mr. Anthony Raschilla 

    English Teacher
  • Photo of David  Walsh

    Mr. David  Walsh 

    English Teacher

9th Grade Courses

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  • Courses

    English I-CP, AC, HN
    English I Foundations-CP

10th Grade Courses

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  • Courses

    AP Seminar-HN
    U.S. Literature-CP, AC
    U.S. Literature-HN
    U.S. Literature Foundations-CP

11th Grade Courses

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  • Courses

    AP English Language and Composition
    British Literature and Composition-CP, AC, HN

    Electives Offered:
    Journalism for Publication-HN

12th Grade Courses

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  • Courses

    AP English Literature
    AP Research
    The Novel & Drama and Composition-CP, AC
    World Literature and Composition-HN

    Electives Offered:
    Journalism for Publication-HN

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  • Phasing System

    At Salesianum, phasing seeks to intellectually challenge students in a positive learning environment among peers. Each student is placed in a particular phase in Religious Studies, English, Social Studies, Mathematics, World Languages, and Science. Differences between phases of the same course can include breadth and/or depth of content instruction, pacing, academic rigor, and homework expectations. Additionally, the expectations regarding compositions, analysis, research, and rhetorical capabilities differ among the phases. The characteristics of courses in each phase are as follows:
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