Welcome to the Mathematics Department! Salesianum offers a comprehensive range of courses from Algebra I through Calculus BC, so that each student is engaged and challenged to his maximum potential. Our talented, committed and creative faculty are well equipped to serve students from those who may who struggle with math to those that are budding mathematicians.

Students are immersed in the problem solving process through lectures, classroom discussions, collaborative work and independent study and foster an appreciation for the mathematic principles that surround us every day. 
Students have access to the very latest technology including the full integration of iPads into mathematics curriculum, e-tutorials, lessons and study guides. They are taught to reason logically, pay attention to detail and to use and interpret mathematics graphically, numerically, and algebraically while developing the skill sets required for everything from practical problem solving to developing formal mathematic proofs. Faculty members are easily accessible to students both during the convenient daily flex-time and also hold before and after school hours.

List of 9 members.

  • Daniel Kegelman 

    Department Chair
  • Katherine Godfrey 

  • Marjorie Hahn 

  • Brendan Haley 

  • Jennifer Harden 

  • Kieran McCloskey 

  • Zachary Robie 

  • Karen Schuster 

  • Caitlin Skipski