Salesianum’s Social Studies curriculum plays an important role in the ongoing formation of a Salesian Gentleman – one who desires to broaden perspectives, seeks truth, exhibits gentleness toward his neighbor, compassion for the poor, and goes forth prepared to help others, and the world, become better. Students are taught to appreciate historical events, achievements in all humanities fields and the diversity and commonality of the world’s peoples. Circumstances including geography, economics, culture and values are studied, without judgment, to learn how they impact the behaviors of individuals, groups and societies.

An emphasis is placed on contextualizing trends
and patterns throughout history, recognizing the impact on, and relevance to, other historical time periods, including the present. And, as a part of understanding these events and trends, students will execute detailed research papers and projects and are also challenged to broaden their perspective by interpreting history utilizing the lens of Salesian Spirituality and values, including empathy, unidiversity, and social justice. A message of life-long growth is sent by encouraging students to go forth to be both politically and civically responsible as individuals and groups, striving towards a more just society.

Social Studies Faculty

List of 10 members.

  • William Sutherland 

    Department Chair
  • Patrick Dever 

    Community Counselor
  • Julia Endrizzi 

  • Joseph Gioffre 

  • Colbe Klein 

  • Theodore Godfrey 

  • Maria Lantz 

  • Robert McConaghy 

  • Sean Tischler 

  • Taylor Trevisan