Thank you for your interest in the Rev. James P. Byrne, OSFS Memorial Scholarship. To begin, please complete the inquiry form below. Please be sure to review the criteria for this scholarship prior submitting your inquiry form. 

1. Must be applying for matriculation as a member of the next freshman class. Your son must be a current 8th grader applying for the upcoming school year.
2. Must qualify for full tuition assistance based on financial data provided through the Clarity application.
3. Must score in the 40th percentile or better on the Salesianum School entrance exam OR have received a score of proficient or higher on the most recently administered DeSSA (Delaware System of Student Assessment) or equivalent exam at his current public school. 
4. Must average A’s and B’s on his transcript from 7th and 8th grades.

Those meeting these four criteria will be invited to advance to the next step in the process, which is two-fold: 
-Select a teacher or principal to complete a recommendation form specifically for the Byrne Scholarship. 
-Submit an essay to a prompt provided by the committee. 

If you have not inquired and started the application process, please complete the Byrne Inquiry Form below. If you have already inquired and have access to our admissions portal - please email in order to be considered for this scholarship. 

Decision letters are typically mailed in January. Additional questions may be directed to: