Meet Deuce Mutts '23

Hometown: Newark, DE
Activities: Student Council, Esports, Black Student Union, Japanese Culture
Athletics: Basketball
College Plans:
Favorite Aspect of Salesianum:
I chose Salesianum initially for the basketball program. As I got involved in the school, I quickly fell in love with the culture and the brotherhood. I became involved in a lot of extracurricular activities like Esports and became vice president of the club and then I even became VP of our student council. I love every day walking in and being included. Talking to my teachers and friends and the brotherhood. It’s like a family away from home. I get to school at 8 AM and don’t leave until 5 PM and I love every minute of being here.
Favorite Course:
My education at Salesianum has prepared me for college in many ways. Every teacher at the end of last year encouraged me to take accelerated classes. I’m taking an AP course this year that I never thought I would be. My teachers have pushed me hard, but I know I can succeed.
Memorable Moment:
A moment that stands out was during our Leadership Retreat when I went to confession for the first time and let my guard down. I was really able to grow as a person.
Favorite Experience:
A highlight for me was the last prayer before our championship game and one final team hug. Outside of the team dinners and all of the experiences we have had together, that moment really made me realize I will be a part of the brotherhood for the rest of my life.
Skills Gained:
I’ve gained a tremendous amount of leadership skills. Being able to connect with others, spread my joy, and to bounce ideas off of people, my confidence has skyrocketed. Every morning I give a speech in front of the entire school body, and I’m no longer nervous to do this. In the beginning, I was scared, nervous, and shaking my knees, but now I’m not nervous at all.
Important Lesson:
At Salesianum I have learned a lot about myself–that I can’t do everything alone. I was able to let my guard down and be vulnerable and recognize that in life there will be people around you that you can depend on. I have learned that it’s not just me in this world. I can rely on other people, not just myself.
Advice for New Students:
This school is what you make of it. Everyone here wants you to succeed in every way possible—to be who you are and be that well. They will be there and help you and invite you to get involved, but you have to take the initiative.
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