Meet Luke Steinrock '24

Hometown: West Chester, PA
Activities: House Captain, Outdoor Adventure, Ping Pong.
Athletics: Baseball
Favorite Aspect of Salesianum:
What I have enjoyed most are the brotherhood and community. Not only are the students connected, but the teachers as well. Everyone is included and no one is left out.
Favorite Course:
Since freshman year, I have been taking rigorous classes and I know this will prepare me well for college. The AP Capstone program with AP Seminar and AP research has really made me a better writer and presenter. 
Biggest Influence:
Mr. Dever, my freshman baseball coach, always gives me the best advice. 
Favorite Experience:
I think what’s impacted me the most is playing baseball. It has made me work harder than I ever had before.
Biggest Accomplishment:
Balancing sports and academics has shown me how to work hard for my success. By working hard on the field I found success and I also learned how to work hard in the classroom. Balancing classes and sports is something I am proud of.
Important Lesson:
I’ve learned how to put myself out there. I have learned that I need to step out of my bubble. I’ve learned to be confident and be who I am because being who I am has opened up many opportunities.
Advice for New Students:
Take advantage of everything Salesianum has to offer. For example, the BRIDGE service trips have taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and learn about another part of our country.
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