Meet Matt Kumar '23

Hometown: Newark, DE
Activities: Chess Club, Model UN, National Honor Society.
Athletics: Track
Favorite Aspect of Salesianum:
My favorite part is walking into the building every day, seeing all of my friends and just feeling at home. Everyone is so connected. It’s hard not to feel at home. Also, most of the things we do are student-led which helps us build leadership characteristics.
Biggest Influence:
All the teachers and coaches have been striving to educate me to be the best person I can be–to be myself and improve myself.
Favorite Experience:
One of my best experiences at Salesianum is a BRIDGE trip I went on to El Paso, TX with seven of my classmates to connect with the world around us. We saw how life is at the border and how the U.S. side interacts with the Mexican side, and we got to know one another better also.
Biggest Accomplishment:
I have definitely grown in my skills of leadership and communication, leadership especially. I have stepped up this year in things like leading my House. Communication really ties the whole school together.
Important Lesson:
During my time, I’ve learned that I am a better communicator than I think. I was a little shy in middle school, but I’ve come out of my shell. Communication has been a big factor, especially in talking with my teachers. Taking the initiative to communicate with them. Knowing that they are always there, I am taking the initiative.
Advice for New Students:
This school is the whole package: great academics, great sports, great clubs, and a brotherhood that is unmatched.
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