Meet Max Agresti '23

Hometown: Hockessin, DE
Activities: National Honor Society, Video Game Club
Athletics: Wrestling
College Plans: Harvard University, Class of 2027
Favorite Aspect of Salesianum:
Salesianum is unique because of the brotherhood. Anyone can fit in; anyone from any background or anywhere in the world can find friends. You can really see that at masses or at pep rallies where everyone comes together to lift each other up. It’s just a great place to be. Salesianum has prepared me academically with challenging courses, strong academics, and the opportunity to take any course that interests you. It really makes you dig deep into yourself. I am feeling really well prepared as I head off to Harvard in the fall.
Favorite Course:
One of my favorite classes is AP Psychology with Mr. Tischler. It’s a fun experience in his class because he has so much knowledge that he really challenges everyone, but he also uses humor and makes everyone feel accepted.
Biggest Influence:
Coach Davis, my wrestling coach, is one of the biggest influences in my life. What has made my experience on the wrestling team memorable is struggling and growing alongside my teammates.
Favorite Experience:
My favorite experience was attending the Salesianum Athletic Leadership Retreat. We learned a lot about leadership alongside friends, teachers, and coaches. I learned that accountability is really important; you need to take action when you see something that’s not right and show up every day to set an example for the younger students.
Biggest Accomplishment:
My biggest accomplishment was winning the wrestling state championship. I got to perform on a big stage in front of my friends and family members. That was really amazing.
Important Lesson:
The top skill I’ve gained is hard work. You have to manage your time well if you play sports or an instrument, and you’ve got to give it everything you’ve got. 
Advice for New Students:
My advice is to have confidence. When I first walked in it was a little bit intimidating, but my transition from Middle School was flawless. My previous school, St. John the Beloved, is a very traditional Catholic School, which I really appreciated, but Salesianum is new, modern, and accepting. It has really prepared me for my transition to college. What I’m looking forward to most at Harvard is meeting new people. 
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