Meet Tanner Stepanic '25

Hometown: Hockessin, DE
Activities: Young Republicans, BBQ Club, Ping Pong Club.
Athletics: Freshmen Football, Lacrosse
Favorite Aspect of Salesianum:
Salesianum stands out for me because it offers so much but feels so personal. I chose to come here for many reasons. I had been at my old school for nine years, and I knew I would get a new start, that I would be able to try so many new activities and sports and meet new friends. Salesianum offers many activities and you can always find something you’re interested in.
Favorite Course:
My favorite course so far has been Algebra with Mr. Haley. He showed me that you can enjoy math even if it is not your favorite subject and that if you put in the effort, you can see your progress. Now it is one of my favorite subjects. I know that Salesianum is preparing me well for college because it challenges me, but with the teachers’ support, I feel I can succeed. It’s a big school, but in class, it feels like it’s just me and the teacher. I feel engaged at all times.
Biggest Influence:
I would have to say the lacrosse program. It gives us access to the athletic wing, which is important, especially for off-season workouts. And we have an awesome stadium to play in. It strengthens our brotherhood when we work as one team with one goal that we all try to accomplish together. 
Favorite Experience:
What makes Salesianum special to me are the traditions–old and new. Both are really important and make you feel like you are a part of something bigger. The brotherhood is something that you can really feel at Salesianum.
Important Skill:
One skill I’ve gained is public speaking. For example, in my film and video storytelling, it gave me a chance to get out of my shell and reach out to new people. At the end of each unit, you stand up and share the knowledge I’ve gained. I’ve learned that I can reach out to others easily, develop friendships and relate to new people. Salesianum offers you freedom and independence and teaches you how to be responsible.
Advice for New Students:
Be yourself. Get involved in things you’ve never tried before. For example, I tried out for freshman football even though I had never played the sport before and made a great group of friends. Also, if you are applying, definitely take advantage of the shadow day option.
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