Meet Wyatt Enslen '24

Hometown: Newark, DE
Clubs and Activities: Theater, Podcast, Math League, Disc Club, chorus
Favorite Aspect of Salesianum:
My favorite part about Sallies is the brotherhood. Everyone here wants to support you. I had heard all about the community and I really couldn’t believe that a school this big would have such a strong sense of community, but when I came here, I discovered that it’s really true. It’s really easy to make friends here. It’s really hard to slip through the cracks. There is always someone here for you, always. The most unique thing about the school to me is the care and support that is given to the arts program. 

Favorite Course:
The Theater Program here has introduced me to some of the closest friends in my entire life. I’m currently student-directing my third production, our fall play, The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare, here in the Sprague Auditorium. 

Biggest Impact:
I think the thing that has impacted me most is the podcast network. I’m the host of the theater podcast called “Thank you, Five” where I have gotten to interview super cool professional people in the film and theater world. 

Biggest Influence:
Mr. Bogad, the Director of the arts, has helped me in ways I cannot express. He has guided me to be more confident and has given me so many opportunities. He pushed me a lot out of my comfort zone when I needed it. He trusted me before I even trusted myself. He has helped me be a better actor, director, and person.

Favorite Experience/Tradition:
One of my favorite Sallies traditions is actually a new tradition this year: hitting the gong at Prep. Twice a week everyone goes into the gym and Student Council leads an assembly where we have announcements, welcome anyone visiting the school, celebrate birthdays and they bring out a gong and bang the gong to celebrate one student who has worked hard in order to honor their achievements. I just think it’s really cool how we are all there together to do that.
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