Those who have made great progress will constantly press ahead, 
never for a moment thinking that they have reached their goal.

St. Francis de Sales
Athletics at Salesianum have a rich tradition of helping young men realize their potential and fostering a unique sense of school spirit and pride. For generations, Salesian brothers have rejoiced in the collective talents of their teammates while developing a deep respect for those they face in competition.
Our athletics philosophy and inspiration is built upon the timeless words of our patron saint, Francis de Sales who believed that “Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.” What Salesianum values more than any title, win or public recognition is our students’ quietly achieved personal victories that combine with powerful life lessons learned through perseverance, grit and a commitment to a cause greater than oneself. We seek coaches who both inspire while developing athleticism and who also teach respect and love of oneself, and others, during the most difficult moments on and off the field.

Salesianum offers robust, diverse interscholastic and intramural athletics opportunities and consistently fields competitive teams that are recognized at the state and national levels. To learn more, read about our sports below and check out our sports schedule for all our games.

Department Contacts

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    Mrs. Katherine Godfrey 

    Athletic Director
    (302) 356-2611
  • Mr. Scott Mosier 

    Director, Abessinio Stadium Operations
    (302) 356-2614
  • Mr. Taylor Trevisan 

    Assistant Athletic Director & Faculty
    (302)654-2495 ext. 250
  • Mr. Michael Hart 

    Athletic Director Emeritus
    (302) 356-2611
  • Mr. Arthur Hannig 

    (302) 654-2495 Ext. 138
  • Mr. Damien McGovern 

  • Dr. Joseph Mesa 

  • Dr. Joseph Szczerba Jr. 

    Athletic Trainer & Faculty