+Senior Ring Mass

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Senior Ring Mass
The Senior Ring Mass will take place on Sunday, September 15 at 5:00 PM in the Birkenheuer Gymnasium. 
While this Mass is not mandatory, we encourage all seniors and their families to attend as it is a wonderful way for the senior class to begin the year. The Senior Class Moderators will receive all class rings ordered from Jostens; these rings will be distributed at Mass. If your student did not order a ring last year, or cannot attend the Mass, please note the following:

  • Any senior who did not order a class ring from Jostens and who plans to wear an alternate ring (family ring or championship ring) must drop off his ring in a labeled envelope to Mr. Winchell in the Admissions office no later than Wednesday, September 11.
  • Any senior who still wishes to an order a class ring must contact our Josten's representative, Mr. Kevin Zeigler (Kevin.zeigler@jostens.com) as soon as possible.
  • Any senior who ordered a class ring, but who cannot attend the Mass, should also notify us by September 11.
  • If a student did not order a ring or deliver a ring to the Senior Moderators, we will presume he is not attending. Students who are not receiving a ring are still welcome to attend the Mass but should notify the Senior Class Moderators no later than Wednesday, September 11.
Seniors who attend this event must report to the auditorium no later than 4:30 on Sunday, where you will line up as a class. You must be in full dress code, with the exception of your school lanyard. All students must clean shaven; no earrings are allowed. Jackets are required.