Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait appointment codes were mailed out to senior families at the end of June. You can book your appointment for the week of July 15 online at If you are unavailable that week please call Prestige/Lifetouch to schedule an in studio appointment at 1-800-445-1189. 

It is our preference that all senior portraits be taken either at school during the scheduled appointment time or at the Wilmington Studio 
before the start of the school year. While Prestige/Lifetouch will be on campus in mid-September for retakes, this should be used for retakes or as a last resort as it leaves very little time for you to consider retake options.

Portrait Location: Library

Please enter through the main front doors

Hair: should be trim, clean and neatly groomed, and of moderate length.  Hair should not be below eyebrows, nor fully covering ears, nor more than collar length.

Facial Hair: Students are to be clean shaven on the day of their appointment. For evening appointments, students should shave before arriving on campus. No beards or mustaches, and sideburns neatly trimmed

Earrings are not permitted.