Welcome to Salesianum's Center for Faith and Justice (CFJ). We believe the formation of Salesian Gentlemen isn’t just a promise Salesianum makes to the parents of our students. It’s a promise we make to our city and to the world. CFJ sits at the heart of that promise, we are a hub for putting our faith into action. Ultimately, we strive to live the Gospels in our classrooms, on the stage, out on the field and in our communities. CFJ provides a welcoming space for students to work with faculty to pray, plan school liturgies, develop retreats and map out meaningful service projects across the globe. We believe that of all the transformative ministry the community can collaborate on, nothing is more important than the everyday blessings of brothers helping  brothers while having a snack on one of our couches, or young people talking openly about God, religion and their lives.

List of 4 members.

  • Mr. Zachary Ryan 

    Dean of Mission
    (302) 654-2495 Ext 103
  • Photo of David  Freebery

    David  Freebery 

    Director of Campus Ministry
  • Rev. Brian Zumbrum, OSFS 

    Campus Minster & Director of Activities
  • Photo of Jonathan Dick

    Mr. Jonathan Dick OSFS 

    Assistant Director of Student Activities