Hydroponics: The Future of Food

Grades: 7–8
Time: 9 AM-12:30 PM
Dates: July 17–21
Anticipated Instructor: Mr. Sam White
Cost: $300
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Do you like food? Do you enjoy hands-on science? Join us in combining our love of food and science as we study some of the cutting-edge technologies that are already changing the way we 
eat. In this course, you will learn the practice of hydroponic gardening and the science behind the technology. The course will consist primarily of hands-on lab activities to link traditional planting 
methods with hydroponics. Participants will have opportunities to plant, grow, and eat soil-free produce, learning the basics of water quality and the art of soil-free gardening from seed to harvest. The course will culminate with an exploration of genetically modified crops and a lab exercise in identifying GMOs on the basis of their DNA.