U.S. Senior Research: History of Philadelphia 1776-1787

Grades: 12
Time: 9 AM–12:30 PM
Session 1 and Session 2: June 19 - June 30 (On Campus) July 10 - July 21 (Independent Study/Virtual)
Credit: Half-Credit
Phase: Honors
Anticipated Instructor: Mr. Sean Tischler
Prerequisites: This course is designed for rising juniors. This course is open to students in College Prep, Accelerated, and Honors Social Studies courses who have obtained teacher approval. 
Cost: $625
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The focus of this course is the Social, Political, Economic, and Revolutionary history of Philadelphia starting with the announcement of the Declaration of Independence July 8, 1776, and ending with the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Philadelphia’s role in shaping Western Civilization can not be understated, it is the birthplace of the abolition movement, religious toleration in the new world, documents that have shaped Western ideas of freedom, the relationship between citizen and state, and was considered by many the “Athens of America” because of the role it played in the development of education, arts, humanities, and sciences. All students in seminar courses will engage in an iterative research process. Students will consider research framing and questions, thesis development, source analysis and evaluation, and research organization. The research process will also prioritize revision, peer-editing, and presentation to 
an authentic audience. 
  • Field trips: Session 1 (June 19 - 30) will blend meetings on campus at Salesianum with at least five free off-site field trips to historic sites in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Transportation will be provided on field trip days– vans will depart from campus at 8:30 AM and return to campus by 1:00 PM.
  • Research paper: After completing coursework and site visits during Session 1, students will have the duration of Session 2 (July 10 - 21) to complete the required research paper. During this time, Mr. Tischler will offer regular virtual office hours via Zoom to support student’s research and writing processes– no class meetings will be held on campus during Session 2.