Baccalaureate and Graduation Decorum

\Especially for those who have not been to our Commencement Exercises in the past, please be advised of the following expectations:
  • Our Commencement exercises have always focused on the entire class. For this reason, we discourage the seniors from doing anything to draw attention to themselves at the expense of their classmates. 
  • This expectation is also extended to families. Moving the ceremonies outside, and after we have been in lockdown for much of the year, we understand the enthusiasm that families are waiting to unleash! We ask, however, that this be done only at appropriate times when the class is recognized as a group, and not after each name is read. This may be different from other high school and college graduations, but trust us: this has long been school tradition and is part of what makes our ceremony unforgettable. And is especially important this year, so that one family’s celebration does not interfere with another graduate’s moment.
  • In light of the above expectations, noise makers or air horns are explicitly prohibited. Please allow us to introduce the entire class while holding your applause until every senior has been recognized. 
  • Note that only one graduating senior receives a diploma at the ceremony itself - when this student shows the diploma to his classmates, THAT is the moment to show your love and enthusiasm, following the lead of the class of 2021! 
  • Diplomas will be distributed after the ceremony. Seniors will march back to school at the conclusion of graduation to retrieve diplomas.