Pilot Major Mike "Bull" Shaw '07 Will Be Flying Over the 2022 Pro Bowl Game

During this year's Pro Bowl, don't miss the fly-over. Pilot Major Mike "Bull" Shaw '07 will be flying over the 2022 Pro Bowl Game, where another alumnus Brian O'Neill of the Minnesota Vikings, will be playing. We salute you for your service and are very proud of your accomplishments.

Major Mike "Bull" Shaw is a proud graduate of Salesianum who has served over ten years as an officer and F-16 Fighter Pilot in the United States Air Force. He is currently an instructor at the United States Air Force Weapons School at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada—where he develops and teaches the world's premier instructor pilots, tacticians, and leaders. Major Shaw has also been stationed in Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, South Korea, and Italy. He previously held the role of Chief Instructor Pilot and Weapons Officer of the 510th Fighter Squadron at Aviano Air Base. Mike believes in developing not only the world's most lethal fighter pilots but also strong officers and leaders who are humble, approachable, and credible. His philosophy is that by practicing repeatable habit patterns and processes, from the most basic tasks to the most complex, he can train leaders to handle complex and dynamic scenarios not just in combat but in any situation.
During his tour at Aviano Air Base, Major Shaw developed and oversaw the training for over thirty fighter pilots and intelligence airmen to ensure they were combat-ready at all times. He also served as the Squadron Mission Planning Cell Chief and Mission Commander for combat contingency operations throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Major Shaw is a United States Air Force Weapons School graduate and combat veteran—having been awarded four Air Medals for his 82 combat missions and over 400 combat hours in Afghanistan. He was also recognized as the Instructor Pilot of the Year at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea, in 2019 and is a distinguished graduate of the Air Force's Squadron Officer School. Additionally, Major Shaw served in the highest cadet leadership role as the Cadet Wing Commander of the United States Air Force Academy in 2010. Major Shaw graduated from Salesianum in 2007, where he played football and captained the lacrosse team for a combined three state championships and one undefeated football season. In 2007, he was also the recipient of the Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame Youth Achievement Award. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the United States Air Force Academy and is pursuing his Master of Business Administration at the University of Delaware. Major Shaw is married to his wife of ten years, Alexis, an active duty Air Force officer, with whom he has two sons and aspiring Salesian Gentlemen, Brandon and Carson. He credits his professional success to his family's unwavering support over the years and is forever grateful for his teachers and coaches, who helped foster his unrelenting intensity, persistence, and dedication during his time as a student and athlete at Salesianum.