Students Travel To Los Angeles On BRIDGE Trip

Over Easter break, a group of students flew to Los Angeles, California, to immerse themselves in the culture and interact with people experiencing homelessness and on the margins of society as part of our BRIDGE program. Our students toured Homeboy Industries, a gang rehabilitation center established by Jesuit Father Greg Boyle. They listened to the life testimonies of the "homies" who, through Homeboy, left their gang affiliations behind them. Then, in-between visits to Venice Beach, UCLA, USC, Hollywood, and the Griffith Observatory, our guys cooked meals and ate with those who experience homelessness after visiting and witnessing Skid Row, the largest population of people experiencing homelessness in the country since the 1930s. Our gentlemen reflected on how Jesus met and engaged with people on the margins and those who struggled with poverty and discerned how this experience might impact how and why they are called "Live Jesus" in their everyday life. Find out more about our BRIDGE programs at