Head Football Coach William DiNardo Announces His Departure Leaving a Distinguished Mark on School and State Football History

Head football coach, William DiNardo, announced today that he is stepping away from coaching Salesianum’s football program. The announcement comes on the heels of Coach DiNardo amassing a historic 300th career win during the 2022 season. He has led Salesianum’s program since 2004, earning an impressive 156 wins, and has helped Salesianum make 16 State Tournament appearances with four State Championship titles in 2005, 2006, 2009, and 2013.

Salesianum’s football program began in 1921 and will enter its 96th season this fall, pausing from 1939-1944 for World War II. Coach DiNardo departs as one of the longest-tenured coaches in school history and has amassed more wins than any other coach in the program’s century-old tradition.

Salesianum’s President, Thomas Kardish, Ed.D., commented: “Measuring Bill’s impact on Salesianum in wins or championships obscures his greater achievement of shepherding thousands of students on their journey to becoming Salesian Gentlemen as both a coach and a mentor. Through his gentle strength, patience, and generosity, Bill has provided an example that will be missed but will live on in the successes of those he coached and taught.”

In addition to serving as the school’s head football coach, DiNardo also held roles in the classroom and, most recently, as a member of the school’s administrative team, focused on student life. DiNardo shared the news earlier today during a team meeting, where his commitment to his players was evident in his remarks: “With the exception of my own family, you have been the most important thing in my life. There is nothing that has made me prouder than to be called coach.”

Salesianum will begin a search for a head football coach immediately.