Science Olympiad Places in State Competition

Our Science Olympiad team was successful at the Delaware Science Olympiad on Saturday, March 11th. Our students competed against other high schools from across the state, participating in various events that tested their knowledge and skills in various scientific disciplines. They have been preparing by studying different scientific topics, from biology and chemistry to physics and astronomy, and worked closely with their coach to perfect their techniques.
Some of the highlights of their performance included a first-place finish in Codebusters, which tested their knowledge of deciphering and encrypting to solve a crime, and a third-place finish in Environmental Chemistry, which required them to complete hands-on activities, questions, experiments, data analysis, all of which related to environmental chemistry. The following team members placed:
1st place-Codebusters: Michael Guarino, Andres Lorenzo, Trevor Knight
3rd place-Environmental Chemistry: Andy Pan, Winston Yalamanchili
4th place-Green Generation: Michael Guarino, Andres Lorenzo
5th place-Chem Lab: Nick Martin, Aaron Darch
5th place-Cell Biology: Michael Guarino, Andres Lorenzo
5th place-It's About Time: Andy Pan, Noah Wang
7th place-Agricultural Science: Jack Cunningham, Jacob Jose
7th place-Fermi Questions: Zach Alvord
8th place-Forensics: Ronan Landis, Nick Martin
10th place-Anatomy & Physiology: Dom Grassi, Blake Reilly
11th place-(honorable mention) Astronomy: Zach Alvord
The team's success is a testament to their dedication and hard work, as well as the support of their coach Science Teacher Jennifer Albanese, for leading the team and to our students for their hard work! Congratulations!