Director of College & School Counseling Announces Junior Class Award Winners

In a celebration of excellence and achievement, the Director of College & School Counseling Deneen Brown, revealed the recipients of the esteemed junior class award nominations. Recognizing outstanding students who have demonstrated exceptional qualities in scholarship, leadership, character, and community service, the awards represent prestigious honors within the academic community.

Harvard University Prize Book is given to an outstanding student who displays excellence in scholarship and high character, combined with achievements in other fields. The winner of this award, through their intelligence and variety of achievements, is Luca Rossi.

One of the most prestigious awards in the country for high school juniors is the Reagan Leadership Medal. This award, modeled after the exemplary character traits of the 40th President of the United States, highlights the character traits of drive, humility, and service before self. The student chosen for this prestigious award is Ben Miller.
The William & Mary Leadership Book Award is awarded to one outstanding current junior who demonstrates leadership in and outside the classroom. Attributes considered for this particular award are school spirit, being active in clubs and activities, earning teacher respect, being a discussion leader, and thinking creatively.  The student selected for this award this year is Ian Fahnoe.
The University of Vermont’s Citizen Scholar Book Award is given to an outstanding junior who demonstrates a commitment to positively impacting their community. Jack Cordery received the award.
The Rensselaer Medal is awarded to a promising junior who has distinguished themselves in mathematics and science. The award also comes with a $40,000 per year merit scholarship if the student applies and gets accepted into the institution and attends. The recipient of the Rensselaer Award is Zachary Alvord.

In the summer of 1957, classmates Samuel Castorani, Dennis Gallagher, and Charles Robinson embarked on an implausible journey across the United States by boat, rail, and foot. To honor the spirit that brought them together, the "River Boys," as they are known, established the River Boys Award for Intrepid Salesians in 2021, worth up to $5,000. Ben Hollis was honored with the River Boys Scholarship this year.

The Brown University Book Award is presented to an outstanding junior who exhibits excellent academic achievement, along with good verbal and written communication skills. The student selected for the Brown Book Award is Mr. Michael Guarino.
The Junior Scholars Program at High Point recognizes and awards outstanding students for academic achievement, leadership, interest in High Point and extracurricular involvement. The student chosen for this award is Mr. Steele Songle. 
The Clarkson University nomination offers both a Leadership and Achievement award to juniors who are recognized positively by students and faculty,  contribute to the school community in a positive way, are enrolled in advanced courses, and demonstrate good leadership qualities. If the students who are awarded the nominations apply to Clarkson University and get accepted, they will receive a tuition-based scholarship worth up to $100,000 for four years. The student chosen for the Clarkson Leadership Scholarship is Mr. James Szpak ($100,000), and the student chosen for the Achievement Award is Mr. James Degnan ($80,000).
Wilkes University offers a Colonel Emerging Leader Award to students who participate in service, are outstanding in academics, and demonstrate leadership qualities. If the student applies and is accepted to Wilkes, they will receive an $8,000 scholarship. Students selected for this award are Alexander Tsakumis, Ryan Resetar, Trevor Bengal, & Aiden Dietrich.

As the winners of these prestigious awards, these students exemplify the talent, character, and leadership that define the junior class. Their achievements inspire their peers and are a testament to the values of scholarship, service, and leadership.